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1998-2000 C. Petrovic


MARCH 01, 99  
I've never been more honoured to receive an award. WHWR has been 
voted a 3 star StarPages site by 300 of you. I didn't even know my 
site was listed in this directory so I'm astounded and touched. 
Thank you!

MARCH 04, 99  
Roxy Records & links!

FEB. 03, 99  
New Winona link here.

DECEMBER 17, 98  
Won a new award. Thanks!

NOVEMBER 25, 98  
Updated Leave section. Dead links gone and new Winona sites here. 
Also links to Winona's co-stars in her new film "Celebrity" 

NOVEMBER 22, 98  
Why no updates lately? Worked on new site. Winona likes her :)

NOVEMBER 6, 1998  
Check out the first winner of The Privileged Page Award! 
And I tackled Tedious Technical javascript stuff. When you 
leave the links their descriptions no longer linger. :)

OCTOBER 18, 1998  
Joined more Webrings.

OCTOBER 11, 1998  
New Roxy Reactions feature in the Learn section. I hope you 
read and enjoy these analytical essays written by viewers of 
Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael. Care to contribute your own? 
Share your reaction!

OCTOBER 5, 1998  
New "Sweater" quote added.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1998  
All the sounds have been redone! Thanks to a dear friend who 
recorded film quotes and made higher quality, but even faster 
downloading, audio files. Also brand new song: In Roxy's Eyes!

SEPTEMBER 19, 1998  
Added 36 new photos!

SEPTEMBER 18, 1998  
Listen to a rare Roxy song: Don't Look At Me! And WHWR was chosen as
Best of the Celebrity Fan Pod! What an honor to receive this award.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1998  
You can now apply for Awards!

SEPTEMBER 9, 1998   
More new photos! 

SEPTEMBER 6, 1998  
Witness my first attempt at creating Winona Wallpaper.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1998  
New gallery with photos you won't find anywhere else!

SEPTEMBER 3, 1998  
Won some awards!! Thanks so much :)

SEPTEMBER 1, 1998  
Rearranged the Comments page and linked to Awards won.

AUGUST 31, 1998
Invited to join the simply wonderful 80s Net Webring, and I was very honored 
and glad to accept. To paraphrase Dinky Bossetti, "I feel privileged" :)

AUGUST 25, 1998
The entire website :) I have more to add but there's a substantial amount
to explore right now. I've been working secretly on this thing long enough. 
It's time to go public, even though it's not "finished" yet. :)