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1998-2000 C. Petrovic

All of these quotes were recorded and encoded by my love, Lee. Doesn't he create wonderful real audio files? Very high quality and yet small sized files for fast downloading. I'm so grateful to Lee for creating these sounds for my site! Thank you so much darling! To hear some of the quotes in wav format, visit Kathleen.

 Dinky's Poem  94.4 kb "From a deep immaculate kiss, she spread her two ripe dripping limbs, and then I happened." "I beg your pardon?" "And the moon throbbed and fought with an angry shine, all that day and all that night. Until it forced me out." "Dinky!" "Now I scald here alone. Touch me. With your white words and your dead hands. Now before I freeze." "That will be enough!" "And become one of you." "Dinky!!" "You interrupted me." 
 Dinky's Privileged  5.7 kb "Gee I can't tell you how privileged you make me feel."
 Dinky's Sweater  32.1 kb "Dinky Bossetti, is that the yellow sweater I bought for you last week? That was a $32 sweater Missy and you dyed it black, didn't you?! After you promised me you wouldn't!" "Correction: I didn't promise I wouldn't. I said I'd try not to."
 Dinky Understands  52.2 kb "It's not like I have some romantic notion about how I'm suffering because my parents...people for that matter, don't understand me. I what? Who understands anybody really? Who wants to? It's hard enough trying to understand yourself,  you know? You just...don't fit. It happens."
 Dinky's Smarter  22.4 kb "Cause you're smarter than anyone I know. You've even got a sense of humour. Ever since I moved here I thought so."  "Go on."
 Gerald Wants  4.3 kb "It's good to want things."
 Roxy's Fame  21.6 kb "She was in a song? And that's why she's so famous? I mean, she didn't save a country, or invent something great? Or murder someone?"
 Dinky's Beyond Men 
21 kb "So. You wanna talk about you and Scotty Sandholtzer?" "No Dinky, I don't. You wanna talk about you and Gerald Howells?" "I'm beyond men."
 Gerald's Braces  36.3 kb "Gerald Howells! What happened?" "What's it look like...I got braces." "Why?!" "Well I have gaps. My dad's been trying to put em on me for a long time, so I let him. It only took an hour and a half. You think Dinky'll like them?" "You look real ugly!" "I know."
 Dinky Really Did  14.9 kb "You don't understand! I wanted this! I really did!"
 Gerald Cares  32.2 kb "You only thought you needed her Dinky." "I don't have to listen to you." "Who the hell is Roxy Carmichael? Who the hell cares?  She's not here. Look around. There are real people right here, in your life, who care about you Dinky."
 Dinky's Home  4.6 kb "Welcome home Dinky Bossetti."