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1998-2000 C. Petrovic

If anyone actually reads this tiny print, thanks for visiting the shameless self-promotion part of my website! Haha! :)

A Site For Sore Ears A way for me to pay tribute to favorite singers/songwriters and share music I love with people. Includes real audio files I made, my reviews, song lyrics, midis, altered photos and many musical links. I tried to make this website easy on the eyes as well as ears.
Crispy Corner Personal homepage with links leading to all my interests, friends, and a bit about me.
The Deborah Gibson
Redesigned this site belonging to a friend of mine. Great content here too, with many real audio files and interesting, perceptive reviews written by the webmaster. So please visit!
Dragana's Domain Funky little page created for my cousin. Includes some interesting altered photos.  
Let's Get Felic-ophical For the tv show Felicity. Features video clips, and original wallpaper with Felic-ophical (philosophical) quotes from the show. Home of the Felicity Artistry Webring.  
Night Vision My attempt to introduce people to romantic-horror author L.J.Smith. You'll find a book store, bibliography, cover art, summaries, excerpts, news & views, poem, and club links.
The Song Spinner's 
For sites that celebrate the art of spinning songs. Pages within may be tributes to favorite musicians, singers and songwriters, or contain original songs.
Tiger Burning Bright
A Paula Cole Site
An artistic sort of Paula Cole page. Contains favorite lyrics, quotes and links, but focuses more on presentation than content. Not even trying to compete with more informative sites that have up-to-the-minute news flashes. That wasn't my aim.
Walled Strawberries Original wallpaper art of the band, Wild Strawberries. Get Wild on your desktop!  
The Word Weaver's 
A ring for pages that celebrate the art of weaving words. Includes tributes to favorite authors and poets, fan fiction archives and sites containing original creative writing.   

Polly Klaas Foundation