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1998-2000 C. Petrovic

Time for my obligatory explanations and excuses :) After much searching, and deliberating, I've chosen these websites to be the best, most informative and most well-designed I could find about those particular actors. This is purely my opinion. No offense is intended. If you have a website not listed here, which you feel is better than some of those dedicated to other actors Winona has worked with, you might be right. Your site might be just as good or better. Some of these actors have fewer websites devoted to them, so the selection process was easier. The more there were to choose from, the more choosy I had to be. However, I should add that if I found a page absolutely dreadful and/or offensive I would not link to it, even if it were the only site on the Net about that actor. So if you're here, I like what you've done. If you like what I've done, why not say so? If you detest me with a passion, go on and tell me that too. :)

Lucas 1986 Corey Haim * Kerri Green * Charlie Sheen
Square Dance 1987 Jason Robards * Rob Lowe
1969 1988 Robert Downey Jr * Kiefer Sutherland
Beetlejuice 1988 Geena Davis * Michael Keaton * Jeffrey Jones
Heathers 1989 Christian Slater * Shannen Doherty
Great Balls Of Fire 1989 Dennis Quaid
Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael 1990 Jeff Daniels * Thomas Wilson Brown
Mermaids 1990 Cher * Bob Hoskins * Christina Ricci
Michael Schoeffling
Edward Scissorhands 1990 Johnny Depp * Dianne Wiest * Vincent Price
Anthony Michael Hall
Night On Earth 1991 Gena Rowlands * Rosie Perez * Lisanne Falk
Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992 Gary Oldman * Anthony Hopkins * Keanu Reeves
Cary Elwes * Tom Waits
The Age Of Innocence 1993 Daniel Day Lewis * Michelle Pfeiffer
 The House Of The Spirits 1993 Meryl Streep * Glenn Close * Antonio Banderas
 Vanessa Redgrave * Jeremy Irons
Little Women 1994 Gabriel Byrne * Trini Alvarado
Samantha Mathis * Kirsten Dunst * Claire Danes
Christian Bale * Susan Sarandon
 Reality Bites 1994 Ethan Hawke * Janeane Garofalo * Ben Stiller
Steve Zahn
How To Make An American Quilt 1995 Anne Bancroft * Ellen Burstyn * Alfre Woodard
Kate Nelligan * Maya Angelou * Kate Capshaw
Dermot Mulroney * Jean Simmons
Samantha Mathis * Jared Leto * Claire Danes
Boys 1996 Lukas Haas * John C. Reilly * Skeet Ulrich
Looking For Richard 1996 Al Pacino * Kevin Spacey * Aidan Quinn
Kenneth Branagh * Kevin Kline * James Earl Jones
The Crucible 1996 Daniel Day Lewis * Paul Scofield * Joan Allen
Jeffrey Jones
Alien Resurrection 1997 Sigourney Weaver * Ron Perlman
Celebrity 1998 Hank Azaria * Kenneth Branagh * Judy Davis
Leonardo DiCaprio * Melanie Griffith

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