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1998-2000 C. Petrovic

I've mentioned what I believe to be the highlights of these websites, due to limited space. No offense is intended. Some of the webmasters are listed as unknown because either they were too modest to display their names on their sites, or I'm more nearsighted than I thought. If anyone would like to enlighten me that would be appreciated. If for some reason anyone objects to being listed here, just say so.

The Age of Innocence Page unknown Images, sounds, script and original book online.
The Aliens Fan Club Simon For the Aliens films, including Winona's "Alien Resurrection"
Bram Stoker's Dracula Matti Jänis Contains film info and multimedia. Looks good.
Edward Scissorhands Matti Jänis Movie information, articles, and multimedia.
Heathers Homepage...How Very! SirLou Serving fans of the film "Heathers" since 95. Great sounds.
Heathers Website: The Slate Is Clean Gemma Seddon Killer look (pardon the pun) and full of info.
The Heathers Zone Brendan Hill Nice tribute to the film. Includes mailing list and chat room.
Matti's Winona Ryder Page Matti Jänis Image galleries, original wallpaper and lotsa links.
Reality Bites: Obsessed Fan Page unknown Tribute to a terrific film. Images, sounds, plans for a script.
The Winona Lounge Erin B. Lillis  Winona collection on display. And she says she's Dinky ;)
Webpage For The Recently Deceased Shaun Fleming Wonderful "Beetlejuice" site. All you could want. Gorgeous.
Winona Ryder At Movie Times Al Lots of box office stats and links. Part of a huge informative site
Winona Ryder: For Your Eyes Only MistaG Looks good. Contains photos, fan-art, multimedia.
Winona Ryder: Kim's Page Kim  All the standard info you'd expect to find and a nice design.
The Winona Ryder Galleries Brian Marshall Lots of pictures and movie synopses here.
A Winona Ryder Website unknown Various video files - great to see. Hope the site stays up.

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