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1998-2000 C. Petrovic

Essays  ---  Analyses 
Roxy Reactions are essays analyzing the film Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael. Submissions are welcome, so if you have an opinion on any aspect of the film, feel free to share. Please read and give feedback at least :)
I love making lists. So here are the Roxy Records: consisting of cast listing and credits. In an attempt to make this section more fun, (as if the concept of lists isn't fun enough ;) I might try to come up with some hopefully humorous lists. Such as the Top 10 Reasons Roxy Skipped Her Homecoming. Suggestions are welcome!
Read All About It
Roxy Reviews gathered from as many sources as I can find. This will include an article I believe is rare and not available anywhere else, having been published in a relatively unknown magazine I've saved for years. Good thing I'm a pack-rat. I plan to search through microfiche in libraries for more reviews so check back.
Learn a bit about Winona here in the Ryder Reader. Just some basic facts-of-life and list of her favorite things (with links to explore for more info). Nothing die-hard fans don't already know, but included here for completion.