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1998-2000 C. Petrovic

The Privileged Page Award is my way of recognizing excellent web design. Apply here. Pages can be about anything; not necessarily Winona-related. No racist, sexist, or pornographic content. And I don't like sports so none of that either. ;) Anticipating Awards? The Dinky Site Award will be given to those pages whose content embodies the "Spirit of Dinky" In other words, sites that are different and proud of it. Sites that display an independent, clever, and (dare I say it?) quirky attitude.
 The Privileged Page Award Winners are listed here. Please visit these wonderful websites before you think of applying for the award yourself. The Dinky Site Award Winners will be found here. Check them out to see what I'm looking for. Especially if you don't know what the heck I mean by "The Spirit of Dinky".
Awards Won by Welcome Home Winona Ryder. I'm truly grateful for the recognition.

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